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The Emergence of Digital Adoption Platforms

With the rising technological wave, companies are competing to revolutionize their operations with automation and digital adoption to do away with wasteful expenditures and increase efficiency at all levels of the organization.

Machine learning and AI are advancing at an unprecedented pace which has essentially created the need for smooth company-wide integration of the promising new tech/software, this is where Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) come into play.

What Exactly is the role of a Digital Adoption Platform?

Digital Adoption Platforms assist the workforce throughout the digital transformation in a company, what that really means is that these platforms provide end to end support to the user in familiarizing with the new application software in real-time.

With the help of on-screen visual cues at the exact moment of need, measurable statistics that pinpoint exact areas of improvement and customizable interface, these digital adoption platforms assist in guiding the user to the correct action, ensuring productivity even from employees who have just started out and are unfamiliar with the new software.

This effectively takes out the pains of a new unknown application and ensures that the change to new technology isn't viewed as hostile and actually benefits the employees.

Why Is It Even Required?

With the shift to cloud computing, more companies have started to use SaaS applications than ever before. However, the practicality of implementing new software has seen numerous hurdles.

Employees are often resistant to change and hence take time to adjust to new functions and the lack of understanding and complexity of the new application can make things even more challenging.

Companies often spend a fortune in training sessions for thousands of employees. In some cases, however, classroom lectures don't translate to retainable know-how of the software. When the workforce resumes their day to day tasks the training sessions linger on just as a faint memory and result in lack of productivity.

Digital Adoption Platforms eliminate the need for traditional training and provide actionable cues on the user's screen, reads the problem at hand, guides to the right conclusion, and helps in resolving the knowledge gap by being intuitive & interactive.

The Cost Involved

Training employees in a classroom setting is not only ineffective in execution but it also costs a lot. According to the 2017 Training Industry report, training for an average big sized company was $17 million while the total training costs by companies in the U.S was a whopping $90.6 billion and didn't include travel facilities, lodging, etc which was an additional cost of $44.5 billion.

With the help of DAP, expenses that include traveling, lodging, venue, and the cost of training professionals can be cut off altogether, also saving the company from the productivity loss due to the absence of employees from their workstations.

Where training programs last for just a few days, the hands-on assistance of these platforms helps even during the time of production. Hence, it is no surprise that various digital adoption platforms have emerged to be crucially relevant for digital transformations.

Digital Adoption Platforms and Virtual Classrooms

It is true that many companies have made the shift to virtual classrooms and Learning Management systems in the past few years to be more accessible but is that enough? While digital training does rescue the employees from the not so fruitful offline classroom setting, they still fall short in actual mentorship.

What these Digital Adoption Platforms provide is a practical learning experience that is engaging and directly helps in using the software and helps increase productivity as opposed to the virtual classrooms which mainly provide theoretical information.

These platforms emerged to accommodate the evolving digital ecosystem, the importance and practical implications of Digital Adoption Platforms have become increasingly evident in the last decade and are proving to an inevitable force of change.

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