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Fitness Bands ~ A Fun Fad or a Device of the Future?

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Medical Equipment can act as a lifeline, a preventive and assistive tool for better health and quality living. With the advancement in technology and ease in availability of many such medical devices, it has become convenient and affordable to have your own personal lab assistant attached to your wrist in the form of a fit-band.

These medical devices have been around for quite some time now and have transformed into caregivers and can often pinpoint certain anomalies that can help physicians in saving lives.

How Accurate Are These Fit Bands?

They can be pretty accurate depending on your use for them. There are primarily 2 types of wearable fitness bands or fit bits based on the algorithm they use to track your vitals.

  1. Accelerometers

  2. Heart Rate Monitors

Accelerometers are more popular in the market and are easily affordable. These bands track the person's acceleration in any given direction and make use of that to determine the overall loss of calories and the number of miles/kilometers traveled. 

Although these devices can be helpful especially while monitoring simple movements like walking & running, they aren't 100% accurate. Various studies indicate that the accuracy of these bands drop while cycling or climbing up & down a staircase. 

Heat Rate Monitors factor in a little more than just the movement, it also factors in the user's age, weight, height, physical ability and progress making it a bit more effective when it comes to tracking a person's overall health.

These are popular among professional athletes due to their relatively higher accuracy. In contrast to the accelerometers, these heart rate monitors are very capable of tracking a person's movement while cycling or walking on steps.

These monitors are good indicators of a person's overall wellbeing and can also track the quality of sleep in respect to the physical activities performed during the day.

Do You Require A Health Monitor?

These wearable Medical Devices are not only for people looking to lose weight or professional athletes hoping to compete in the Olympics, but they are also personalized Health Assistants that can keep track of your

  • Pulse rate

  • Heartbeat

  • Sleep cycle

  • Hydration (through reminders)

and most importantly, they can send an SOS to your physician or loved ones in case of an emergency.

Whether or not you need one is on you but with the advancement in Artificial intelligence & Machine learning algorithms these Medical Equipment have the capability of measuring your overall physical and mental health more intrinsically than ever before.

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