Cow-hona pyaar hai

Context: When asked to write an essay on a cow, why not spice things up?

Cowrina is an 8-year-old cow & fashion diva amongst her other cattle friends. My beautiful bovine, with polka dots & smooth whiskers, gets along well with both animals and humans.

She is a proud mother of 2 calves and is the head of the "Claps for Cows" movement aimed to bring equal rights and dignity to all cows.

Cowrina is revered as a sacred symbol of life by Hindus and has more political pull than any other animal on the planet, she uses this power to influence and guide human policies and animal rights.

Her closest friend is Sophie, a highland cow, who wandered into the herd one day and insists on providing therapy to all.

There are a lot of Mooo's and Aa's but in the end, it's all CowOkay, once Sophie is done with you. Cowrina and Sophie are besties or "moooo boli behen".

In picture: Cowrina (left) & Sophie (right)

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